Emotionally Compromised by A. Rosa

And… we have something different today. If you’re looking for a fun and adorable read that doesn’t skimp on the steam and the plot, you might want to check A. Rosa’s Emotionally Compromised. I don’t really read much romantic suspense or first person POV books so it was a very nice surprise when I found myself greatly enjoying Emotionally Compromised. 

Note: I received an eARC of this book in exchange for an honest review.


I thought Emotionally Compromised  was a great book with fun, interesting and realistic characters who were kick-ass and were well-thought out.

Alex was a great heroine! It took me a while to get into her character (mainly because I have problems with first person POV books, more on that in a bit) but once I got a good glimpse at her, I was in instant admiration. Let me tell you, if I am ever given the chance to be as awesome as her, I’d take it. I think my favourite part of her character was that no matter how tough and indestructible she seemed, Miss. A. Rosa didn’t seem to have any problems displaying her vulnerable side. And that’s great. Women characters, especially characters in law enforcement, don’t need to be strong all the time.

I also thought that Jeremy was a great match for her. Sure, their initial meeting was a bit weird, but hey Alex was undercover. I liked his determination to get to know her…. but I also liked how he wasn’t too pushy. He knew when to back off and give Alex her space. Also, before I forget to mention this, Jeremy was adorable and hot all at the same time. I have a soft spot for heroes/male characters who are unapologetic about how much they like someone. I find it refreshing and Jeremy is certainly that. I like that he likes how much Alex loves her job despite how terrifying it is and I like that he isn’t afraid to tell her how he feels. I got a lot of fuzzy vibes whenever these two were in a room together. They just made me so happy haha.

Marcus wasn’t a bad villain. I mean, the reasons as to why he became one was clearly mentioned and I can understand why he snapped but I found myself not wanting to pay attention to him at all? It’s probably because I really liked Alex and Jeremy and found that whole conflict thing with Alex’s partner to be enough for me. But hey, romantic suspense isn’t something that I read regularly, so feel free to take this part with a grain of salt. ;D Although, I was kind of confused because I thought Marcus was going to be redeemed but I guess some people just don’t want to be redeemed?

My one problem about the whole book is that I wish the beginning part of the novel was as strong as the last 2/3 of the book? I had a hard time getting into Alex’s head because I thought that occasionally, her voice would sound a little bit too robotic. I very rarely like first person POV books so that might have coloured my initial impression about Emotionally Compromised but A.Rosa’s writing is great and honestly, I had so much fun once I got over this. I didn’t even notice that I was at the end of the book until I saw “Epilogue.”

Overall, I thought Emotionally Compromised was a fun read about a female Fed who doesn’t need love in her life at the moment, but hey what are you going to do right? It had great characters, an interesting plot and it was really enjoyable. There were lots of romantic and steamy moments that were balanced with great action and tense moments. I really thought I was going to hate this book, but man was I so wrong. I ended up loving almost everything about Emotionally Compromised.


Congratulations, A. Rosa on this wonderfully delightful and strong debut! 

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Author Info

A. Rosa lives in San Diego, California. When she isn’t scouring city parks or cafe’s to write she is more than likely trying to convince her friends to join her on her next adventure. A sufferer of wanderlust, she is always looking for a new mountain to climb, a canyon to hike, or a plane to board. Her resume consists of coroner, to working at a zoo, and most recently as an executive assistant, but finds her home amongst words, whether it be in books, or in film. Her obsessions are on the brink of bizarre, but that’s just the way she likes it.

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